Rain Soul Red

Rain Soul Red

Rain Soul Red
Soul red


The product has all the benefits of Rain International’s product Soul. Soul is the main product of the company.

Soul Red is similar to regular Soul, but is enhanced with red raspberry seeds, and more black cumming seed oil.

Soul Red has many benefits and can truly boast of it.

Red acts positively on cardiovascular, is weight regulating, and provides better cognitive health.

Reduces free radicals and improves blood flow.

The product consists of a unique blend of red raspberry seeds, and black cummin seed oil. Such a mixture has been historically supported by science.

In addition, it contains chardonnay grape seeds as well as d-ribose.

D-ribose in Rain’s products are not made from GMO grain extract. The company that manufactures d-ribose is approved as one of the few if not the only ones in the United States that manufactures d-ribose from non-GMO grains.

Together, this gives a strong and unique nutritional profile, which is very antioxidant-rich, with optimal health as a result.

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