How to Shop Rain Supplements Online


How to Shop Rain Supplements Online

How to Shop Rain Supplements Online

If you register as a Rain International partner you will be sent a month’s consumption of the product Soul.
At the same time, your own online store is set up for you. You get your own shop online.
You choose the name yourself. It can look like this

SpisDegFrisk is my page name, you have to use your own. If you click this link you can sign up as a partner / benefit customer / or regular customer.
You choose your name after registration, in your own office. (look below)
You will have your own office under the address:

Log in with your partner no(ID). Here you can follow how the store develops. Sales, new partners and customers.
Once registered, you will receive explanations and support from our team
We have partners with medical background, experience from other partners, advice on marketing in the local community or online.
Here you can register as a partner: Rain Partner
Here you can register as a preferred customer  Rain preferred customer
Preferred customer gets discount

Preferred customer is a subscription where you get shipped goods once a month. You decide when you want to stop or start
Here you can register as a regular customer: RetailCustomer
Ordinary customer buys at retail price
Ordinary customer must order even every time.
The products are a bit more expensive with this scheme

Those who choose to become a partner (distributor) get many choices. They can buy larger lots for further sale, if they wish.
Most people choose Basic at the bottom of the page. One can expand gradually.
If you choose to become a distributor  you pay a little extra the first time for your shop to be set up.
Here you can sell to others, both customers, benefit customers, as well as your distributors.

You get sent 1 month of consumption by Soul. (the main product.) You have to go in and order more for the next month if you want to continue.
It doesn’t take many customers or distributors until you even have free products or a nice extra income.
If you are not sure how, contact My phone. +47 907 49 455
It is not dangerous. I can help you through the points.
I am a pensioner who has used the products since March 2019, with good results. Better energy, less inflammation in the body, (the sink that was 35 over many years, is now about 20)

Everyone should use these products for better health.
Look elsewhere at the domain how the blood changes in the microscope.