Supplements made of seeds


Rain-Soul is the main product from Rain International.


Mother Earth hid her biggest secrets in one small capsule: the SEED

Rain International has found a way to extract nutritious oils and flour from botanical seeds without changing their chemical composition.

Small, nutritious seeds are the foundation of our products. All seeds are not created equal and we only buy the most nutritious, which have scientific research behind them, the healthiest seeds, all of which are pure and free of GMOs (genetically engineered).


Powerful antioxidants and essential fatty acids that help the body and mind maintain balance while helping to combat today’s most pressing health problems.

Put simply, what you eat affects the structure and function of your brain.

We are not the first to discover the benefits of seed feeding. In fact, ancient civilizations revealed their secret, some seeds were even revered by some cultures. The Pharaohs in Egypt insisted that they would bring certain seeds into their lives after death.

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Many others have talked about the same seeds for thousands of years: Black cumin, also called Black seed or Nigella sativa in Latin.

Several ancient civilizations became very fond of Black cummin and used it for almost every disease imaginable. Although they saw that it worked, they did not know why, but we do.


Cleanse your organs of dangerous substances
Rain Core

RAIN INTERNATIONAL is the first to offer natural seed-based supplements that provide a range of benefits for overall health and wellness.

Our modern science shows that the healing properties of Black cumin are due to various compounds found in the protective shell of the seed, such as lipids, enzymes and antioxidants, plus a very powerful compound called thymoquinone (or TQ, too short).

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Rain International`s products of supplements

So in a nutshell, that’s our story! We use seeds as the basis for our products.

Try them out and find out for yourself what our seed-based formulations can really do for your health

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