Rain Bend for worn joints

Rain Bend for worn joints

Rain Bend for worn joints.

PROPER SUPLEMENTS  For joints and cartilage.

The product improves bone structure, and  worn joints 

Bend is composed of only natural ingredients, which have been scientifically proven to have a health-promoting effect on your aging joints.

The product is free of all toxins and unnatural additives. Based on pure cold pressed seeds.

Joints become sore when cartilage ruptures
Let Bend close your joints and rebuild your cartilage and you will be able to move as you once did

Unfortunately, age, diet, genetics and environmental factors, beyond our control can lead to a reduction in body performance.

This can cause pain, swelling and weakness. Bend is a powerful extract of nourishment from selected seeds and plants that we can supply to our bodies and thus our joints.

This can lead to strong and healthy joints. Renew the cartilage, reduceinflammation, provides stronger bones and healthy gene signaling The ingredients are created by nature, but designed and tested by science.


Dessverre kan alder, kosthold, genetikk og miljøfaktorer utenfor vår kontroll før til at kroppens ytelse reduseres.
Dette kan gi smerter, hevelser og svakhet.
Bend er et kraftig uttrekk av næring fra utvalgte frø og planter som vi kan tilføre kroppen og dermed leddene våre.
Dette kan føre til at vi får Sterke og sunne ledd.
Fornye brusken
Redusere betnnelse
Sterkere ben
Sunn Gen-signalisering
Ingrediensene er skapt av naturen men utformet og testet av vitnskap




.That’s how nature begins. It is how life becomes repetitive. This applies to plants and trees just as with humans. Everything is meant to go further and in order to achieve it, everyone must sow seeds. Imagine that in every little seed there is the DNA of the ancestors for thousands. In humans we see it on skin color, hair color, big or small nose etc. We can even inherit musicality and gait from ancestors. Trees and plants inherit similar leaves and fruits


Trees and plants inherit similar leaves and fruits and how they can protect themselves from enemies such as a rose with their spikes or nettles on nettle Each seed contains everything a new life needs. For example, there are 20 times more antioxidants in the seed than in the pulp that grows around the seed to protect it until it is ripe. You need to eat 8 – 10 servings of fruit and vegetables in order to get similar nutrition. The pulp decays within a few weeks, while the seed can last forever. In Norway we have seed banks for the whole world in the old mines in Svalbard. This is to ensure food production in the future should a natural disaster occur. Science is taking over Rain’s Scientific Advisory Board, our Scientific Advisory Board, has hand-picked seeds and other natural ingredients that can be powerful enough to tackle the problems and challenges of joints. YOU reap the benefits NON-GEMO Rain’s ingredients are never modified or changed. That is why we have a certificate on Non – genetically modified. We do not use harmful pesticides or other processes that change nature. So the good we use is the good you use. COLD PRESSED Like the healthiest juices, we cold-press our seeds to preserve the vulnerable nutrition found in each seed. This makes our products stronger, cleaner and more bioavailable INGREDIENTS IN BEND OIL FROM BLACK SEEDS Black seed or also known as Black Cumin or Nigella Sativa is known for its action of oxide-rich profile and can reduce and even remove inflammation. The oil is one of the most powerful and central ingredients in Rain products, including Bend. LINSEED Contains essential fatty acids and has a powerful antioxidant profile that can give your body what it needs to support healthy joints and relieve muscle pain. GLUCOSIMINSULFAT A natural compound that supports the formation of cartilage and keeps joints healthy and youthful. curcumin

En gammel urt som har blitt grundig studert i moderne vitenskap for sine helsemessige fordeler. Med å samarbeide med kroppen, kan den hjelpe til å holde leddene sunne.

FORDELENE MED BEND Kan gi deg følelsen av yngre ledd som igjen kan føre til høyere aktivitetsnivå som er godt for hele kroppen.

Kan gi raskere gjennoppretting av feil og slitasjer.

Kan gjenoppbygge brusk og leddvæske som gir sunnere ledd og mindre smerter.

Kan bekjempe oksidasjon for å hjelpe cellene til å holde seg yngre.

Kan øke fettforbrenningen, spesielt magefett.

Kan gi bedre søvn.

Porsjonspakninger på 30 ml for å kunne drikkes rett fra posen uten at oljen blir harsk.




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